Legal Defense Fundraiser Monday Night for Canadian Blogger BlazingCatFur

Tomorrow-January 7th- Is The JDL Fundraiser For Blazingcatfur

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December 2012

Hope to see you all there!

The Jewish Defense League Calls On Our Supporters To Attend An Emergency Fundraiser For Blogger Blazingcatfur

Radical Muslims are attempting to shut down Blazingcatfur.

Monday January 7TH, 7:30 PM

Toronto Zionist Centre, 788 Marlee Avenue

For additional information call JDL at 416-736-7000


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UPDATE: Thanks to Mark Steyn for his terrific post about our situation, at the National Review’s Corner blog.


…As most of you already know, my husband Arnie is being sued for blogging about Canada’s Human Rights Commissions. So am I, but while the case against me (and Ezra Levant and others) is entering its fifth year and is pretty moribund, my husband’s case is going to trial next month…

…It’s rare that a single day goes by when Arnie isn’t doing dramatic, primary research about radical Islam in Canada — the kind of investigative journalism that the mainstream media should be doing, but doesn’t…

…Arnie’s court date is the first week of February. The complainant’s venue is Ottawa, which increases Arnie’s travel and accommodation costs, as well as his lawyers’ fees. Hence the fundraiser.

I will be saying a few words, and everyone who comes to the event will receive a free copy of my book about the Human Rights Commissions — The Tyranny of Nice — which I’ll be happy to sign.

See you on Monday night!

Read the entire post at FiveFeetofFury.

At Legal Insurrection Professor Jacobson carries this quote by Mark Steyn:

…North of the border, they’ve gone to the next stage: one of Canada’s top bloggers is being sued for defamation merely for linking to me – or, as the plaintiff puts it, to “far-right website SteynOnline“. He’s seeking half-a-million bucks in damages, which even in Canada seems a high price for an Internet link to lil’ ol’ me…

Gotta read it!

CAJ note: So there you have it! BCF is being sued for linking to Mark Steyn’s blog by the perpetually offended and highly litigious Richard Warman. Speech is not protected in Canada. So, while our readers likely cannot attend the fundraiser in Toronto, we urge you to Tip the Kitty at PayPal. Every little bit will help and donating for greater freedom is always a good cause. Thanks, and God Bless!

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