Liberals Finally Admit That Media Matters Exists to 'Misinform,' 'Misdirect,' and 'Obfuscate'

Onan Coca
Freedom Outpost

The folks at Media Matters have long been a thorn in the sides of conservatives everywhere. For years the liberal media has pretended that Media Matters was some kind of objective media watchdog or think tank – when the truth was far seedier. Media Matters has always existed to spin, spin, spin liberal failures into victories and conservative comments into scandals. And they’ve done their job fairly well.

So it’s nice when Media Matters steps into a trap of their own making. They recently chose to enter the Clinton scandalpalooza fray by defending the Clintons from accusations of corruption, bribery and criminality. The only problem is that these accusations didn’t come from conservative sources like Fox News, Drudge or Breitbart… they came from the New York Times and respected journalists like Peter Schweizer, Jo Becker and Mike McIntire. So when Media Matters went on the assault to defend the Clintons, the liberal media responded incredulously and finally unmasked Media Matters for what they truly are – Partisan Hacks who Lie to Cover for Democrat Failures…



The article continues, with video, at Freedom Outpost.



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George Stephanopoulos interviewed author Peter Schweizer this morning about his book, “Clinton Cash,” which has rocked Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. That’s right, the same George Stephanopoulos who used to work for the Clinton White House.

His “journalistic” method:  Defend and deflect…



Stephanopoulos Floored as Gingrich, Bloomberg Editors Detail Seriousness of “Clinton Cash.”

…“I think there’s a very simple case here—the Constitution says you can’t take this stuff, we have federal laws that say you can’t take this stuff,” Gingrich said. “If this was any person but Hillary Clinton, they’d be under indictment right now for a clearly straightforward problem.”

After Stephanopoulos and Brazile interrupted Gingrich for a second, the former Speaker moved forward with his point again.

“My point is they took money from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State—that is clearly illegal,” Gingrich said. “This is not about politics. It’s illegal. It’s dangerous to America to have foreign governments get in the habit of bribing people who happen to be the husband of the Secretary of State or next president of the United States.”…


Update: The Clash Over Clinton’s Cash—And Why it Matters

If the whiff of corruption and deceit linger about the Clinton candidacy past election day, is she really the candidate that Democrats want in 2016?



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