Liberals kneecap Chris Matthews, force anchor to reshoot entire show due to lack of liberal bias

Or, who got to Chris Matthews?


Not that anyone watches Chris Matthews anymore, but the 7 people who still do may have noticed that his 7:00pm show Hardball, which is a rebroadcast of the original at 5:00pm, was totally different. Why? It was reshot. Totally. Apparently, the 5:00 show was lacking in liberal bias, as Matthews, based on the clear evidence in the Sherrod video, actually defended Andrew Breitbart. Here’s the exchange on the Sherrod controversy during the 5:00pm show:

After the 5:00 show, his liberal masters apparently got a hold of Matthews and kneecapped him, forcing a total reshoot of the show… for what might have been the first time in the show’s history, Matthews re-taped an entirely new program for the 7pm hour — a program that would allow him to make up for his short but near fatal bout of intellectual honesty and put him safely back in line and on the record with his left-wing pals. See for yourself

The entire article, with second video, is at theblogprof.

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