Libyan troops go on sex rampage in England; 1 man raped, 4 teen girls assaulted

Timothy Whiteman
Wilmington Conservative Examiner

Cambridge, England is best known not only as the home of the world renown Cambridge University, but also as a hotbed of left-leaning politics. But now the arch-typical liberal college town is making headlines for a number of incidences that the Labour Party and the politically correct academics on campus may want to just go away

While over 300 Libyan troops were sent to the east of England for intense military training by one of the globe’s premier fighting forces, one liberal politician has slammed the training as “The whole programme seems to have been a disaster from beginning to end.” As reported by the news portal on May 16, 2015, and also by the Agence France-Presse (via Yahoo News) on May 15, 2015, five drunken Libyan soldiers ran riot in the English city of Cambridge last October, raping one man while sexually assaulting four teenage girls…

…Labour Member of Parliament Madeleine Moon, a member of the Defence Select Committee, said she feared the whole issue stemmed from three government departments, namely the Foreign Office, the Ministry of Defence and the Home Office, all involved but with none in charge. “We need to know who was making what decisions… The whole programme seems to have been a disaster from beginning to end” she said.



The complete article, with video, is at The Wilmington Conservative Examiner.



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