Life for Young Girls in Multicultural Britain

Van Helsing

Muslims (referred to by the euphemism “Asians” in this video) despise women, and they despise Westerners, so unsurprisingly their treatment of Western women is nothing liberals want to think about:

Don’t expect authorities to do much about it. That would be racist.

Moonbattery has a list of headlines compiled by R.S. McCain (The Other McCain). The articles are disgusting and nightmarish. But we must know because this will also happen to girls in the United States.

Islamic Farming‘s YouTube page is the source of this video and has this statement:

When the “prophet” Mohammed was 50 years old he “married” a 6 year old girl, Aisha, and consummated the “marriage” when she was 9 years old. So just to recap, so that you are sure you read what you just read – when Mohammed the prophet of Islam (the man Muslims revere above all others) was 50 years old he was fucking a 9 year old child. Again: yes, you did just read that, and more importantly – Muslims do not even dispute this and still say it’s OK. Go figure.

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