Limbaugh: 'All Hell is Gonna Break Loose' in January 2014

Jason Howerton
The Blaze

On Wednesday, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh warned listeners that problems caused by Obamacare are only going to get worse. He argued that when the other Obamacare “shoe” drops in 2014 — when the law starts impacting employer-provided health care plans — “all hell is gonna break lose.”

“[Right now], the only thing affected is individual policies. Nevertheless, even though that limited number of people is affected, that limited number of people is causing all of this havoc,” he said. “The other shoe to drop in 2014 is when this same thing starts happening to people who get their health care at work. We’re not talking about employer-provided coverage here yet. That shoe doesn’t drop until next year. Right now, it’s just the individual insurance market that’s being affected by the exchanges.”

Limbaugh explained that the vast major it of Americans get their insurance through their employer, claiming the impact of the employer mandate is going to be far greater than what the country is seeing now.

“Wait until everybody who’s insured by their boss begins to lose their plan! That happens in January of next year. Then all hell is gonna break loose because then we’re talking about the vast majority of the people in this country,” Limbaugh added. “Admittedly, folks, the individual insurance market is not the major part of it.”…


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Here is the article mentioned by Limbaugh penned by Betsy McCaughey:

…Your doctor may have to choose between doing what’s right for you and avoiding a penalty. Exchange plans can pay only those doctors who obey whatever regulations the Secretary imposes.

Yet the President claims that people losing their health plans and having to sign up on the exchanges will be getting a better deal. Losing your doctor, shopping blind for a health plan, settling for Medicaid-level care and government controls, all for a premium 41% higher than before and with a deductible that’s doubled? Sounds substandard to me.

Right now, most people getting cancellations bought plans in the individual market. Wait until the other shoe drops in 2014, and millions of people who had on-the-job coverage lose it. The truth about ObamaCare will become so painfully obvious that even the White House lie machine can’t cover it up.



More Limbaugh: Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Warned You

…They knew when they voted for this.  I don’t think they deserve to be let off the hook.  The Democrats that now want this all delayed — they want the individual mandate delayed — they want things delayed ’til after the 2014 election.

They’ve trooped up to see Obama.  Folks, they knew. Everybody knew that you were going to lose your plan.  They knew it, and they’re lying if they’re now acting surprised and acting like they didn’t know it.  They did know it! They were just being loyal to Obama, being loyal to the party, not their voters — and now they want a do-over.  I think is a point needs to be drilled home.  Every one of these senators now crying and whining, they knew what was in store for people…

…They voted for it, and they need to be reminded of that, and they knew this was coming.  But back when Ted Cruz was leading the effort, what was being said about him?  “Well, he’s a terrorist!  Well, he’s holding people hostage! He’s demanding ransoms! He’s an extremist.”  He was right, and he was one of maybe two or three people who had the guts to go public and tell people what was headed their way…


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…a huge number of plans under Obamacare have low premiums with huge deductibles…



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Al Gore’s Firm Poised to Cash in on Obamacare Debacle 

…In 2004, David Blood and former Vice President Al Gore co-founded Generation Investment Management. Schweizer says despite the perception that Gore’s investments are all green energy-related, Blood and Gore’s investment portfolio is currently comprised of 27% health care investments and stands poised to score big from Obamacare.

“David Blood was a bundler for Barack Obama,” said Schweizer. “Even though they talk about being in green technology, 27% of their investment portfolio right now is in health insurance companies designed to profit from this sector.”

Blood bundled over $500,000 in campaign donations for Obama in 2012…



Update: Trey Gowdy on Obama: ‘This is what happens when you base a campaign on a fundamental lie’  

A brutally frank assessment of the liar on the White House tonight by South Carolina Republican Trey Gowdy. One of the best lines when discussing the quandary of Americans facing having no insurance come January is “I’m happy to bail my fellow citizens out, but I’m not going to bail him out.”…



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