Limbaugh: What if Jihadists Demand Sharia Law for Gays, Women in the US?

Jack Coleman

The kneejerk response from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was boilerplate liberal apologia for the jihad — yes, Atlas Shrugs blogger Pamela Geller and her American Freedom Defense Initiative have the right to organize a Draw Muhammad contest, but doing so was deliberately provocative and “caused” two fanatical Islamists to open fire outside the event.

Both gunmen were killed by a police officer, who was armed, this because the event was held in Texas and not France…

…we know what happens to homosexuals in Iran or any other Islamic country, we know what happens to women. Well, if we’re going to respect and obey the laws about drawing cartoons of the Prophet, don’t we have to respect what Islam says about homosexuality and women? I mean, where do we draw the line and say, no, no, we can ignore that? But this picture business — nope, we gotta follow that to the letter of the law. We gotta follow that to the letter of Islam. We gotta follow that to the letter of Allah, but the gay and women thing, not so much…


Read the entire article at NewsBusters.


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When bad things happen, you can tell who the real people of principle are based on how consistency their reaction is. For example, Jon Stewart stood up for freedom of speech with BOTH Charlie Hebdo and the “Draw Mohammed” event. Way, way, way on the opposite end of the spectrum is one of the worst people in the media — MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. Glenn called Chris’s comments on the Texas shooting “shameful”


Update: Beck Slams CAIR and Comedy Central Host Over Free Speech Comments: ‘Insane That We Are Having This Conversation!’ (video)

Glenn Beck on Wednesday tore into the Council on American-Islamic Relations and Comedy Central host Larry Wilmore over their interpretation of free speech in the wake of a foiled terrorist attack in Garland, Texas…

…“If Christian activists were blowing ‘piss Christ‘ art shows up and chopping off the heads of anyone who mocked Jesus … how would you feel if the Christian community responded saying, ‘Wait a minute — how about all those mean things they’re saying about Jesus?’ It’s insulting!” Beck said heatedly. “You should be the first in line to condemn the crazy animals running around slaughtering people in your name! You should be the loudest voice saying, ‘That’s not who we are!’”…


Anjem Choudary Tells Pamela Geller on Live TV She Should be SLAUGHTERED (video)

…Anjem Choudary: We’re talking about people who deliberately had a competition to insult the messenger Mohammad… If you saw the cartoons that Charlie Hebdo drew you would understand the anger. And now this woman was to draw cartoons or have people draw cartoons to insult the prophet knowing full well that this carries the death penalty in Islam… She should be put before Shariah court and tried and of course she would face capitol punishment.

This was an amazing exchange.
Best Line—
Pamela Geller to Anjem Choudary: “I’m talking, sir… I know you’re used to stepping over women but you’re not going to have it here.”…


Update 2: Garland, Texas Shooting and Cultural Cowardice

Home grown ISIS threat deep in the heart of Texas…Pam Geller, the law enforcement/guards, and event participants are heroes–no ifs, ands, or buts



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