Louisiana GOP chairman: ‘Obama’s Kicking Louisiana’s ass’

David Freddoso
Washington Examiner

President Obama’s address on the oil spill is not bringing any conciliatory words from Louisiana’s Republican Party. From its chairman, Roger Villere, with the title, “Obama’s kicking Louisiana’s ass”:

“The oil spill that continues to devastate our state’s coastal wetlands is an ongoing disaster that threatens both our culture and our livelihoods. In addition to the immediate and long term devastation caused directly by the spill, Obama doubled down on tragedy last month with a drilling moratorium that will cost Louisianians jobs and push our domestic production overseas. Never one to ‘let a good crisis go to waste,’ tonight Obama added insult to injury with his push for a liberal ‘cap and trade’ national energy tax that will further cripple our state’s economy.

When Obama announced last week that he was looking for an ass to kick – we all thought he meant BP or the federal bureaucrats whose ineptitude and delays have hindered our state’s response. Tonight Obama made clear that Louisiana families and businesses will be on the receiving end of his ass kicking.”

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