Louisiana teachers hope to recall Jindal

Robby Soave
The Daily Caller

Foes of school choice and other conservative education reforms have lined up to recall Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. But unlike the intense campaign in Wisconsin, no one expects this effort to even qualify for the ballot.

“They really have no chance of actually getting enough signatures,” said Kevin Mooney, an investigative reporter at the Pelican Institute for Public Policy. “It’s many steps removed from a Scott Walker-type thing.”

The Louisiana legislature approved a number of reforms to the state education system last April, including school choice and merit-based pay for teachers. This prompted two teachers, Angie Bonvillain and Brenda Romero, to initiate recall efforts against Jindal and key lawmakers who backed his reforms. But widespread support for Jindal — who was re-elected in 2011 with 66 percent of the vote — has given the pair an uphill battle.

The petition to recall Jindal needs 1 million signatures by September 1 in order to qualify for the November ballot. Neither Bonvillain nor Romero responded to requests for comment on whether they expected to get enough signatures in time. But Joy Pullmann, managing editor of School Reform News, doesn’t think Jindal is going anywhere…

…If the recall effort fails, teachers unions have a backup plan: litigation…
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