MA Boy Sent Home For Drawing Of Crucifixion

Boston, MA
December 15, 2009

TAUNTON (WBZ) ― A Maxham Elementary second-grader was suspended from school because of this drawing.

A Taunton father is furious his eight-year-old son was sent home from school and required to undergo a psychological evaluation after he drew a stick-figure picture of a crucifixion.

It started on December 2, when the boy’s second-grade teacher at the Maxham Elementary School asked the class to sketch something that reminded them of Christmas.

The boy, who has special educational needs, had recently gone with his family to see the Christmas display at the LaSalette shrine, a Christian retreat in Attleboro.

He drew what appeared to be a crucified Jesus Christ with X’s covering his eyes to signify that he had died on the cross.

He then told the teacher that the person he drew on the cross was himself.

The teacher was concerned it might be a sign of violence and she contacted school officials.

The boy was sent for a psychiatric evaluation. A psychiatrist determined he is not violent or a threat to others and he was cleared to return to school.

The article and the child’s drawing is here.

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