MA Chief Law Enforcement Official Ignores Political Assault; DSCC’s Meehan Apologizes

Robert Stacy McCain
The Other McCain
January 13, 2010

UPDATE 4:45 p.m. ET: Michael “I Work For Me” Meehan admits he was “was a little too aggressive” with John McCormack — a convenient admission, considering that the incident was caught on video and photographs.

PREVIOUSLY: What else can you say about this photo?

Coakley assault at fundraiser meehan-mccormack

A campaign aide to Martha Coakley has just shoved reporter John McCormack to the ground. Coakley sees it and . . . keeps walking…

UPDATE V: DSCCC spokesman Joseph Goebbels Baghdad Bob Eric Schultz issues a statement: “It is no surprise that Washington Republicans are trying to use every dirty trick they have to throw the Coakley campaign off their stride . . .”

Reporter asking questions = GOP “dirty tricks.”

The entire blog entry can be read at The Other McCain.

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Attorney General Coakley reminds CAJ of this man:


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