Madison Mayor, WI ‘Fleebaggers’ appear to have colluded with unions


H/T Dan Collins at Piece of Work in Progress

At Moe Lane writes an explanation, and:

This is, by the way, precisely why such doctrinaire conservatives such as FDR hated the very idea of public sector unions. The temptation towards corruption is built-in, and is tragically easy to succumb to.

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UpdateBig Labor’s Lies: Richard Trumka’s Bald-Faced Falsehoods on Wisconsin’s Budget Stalemate, at American Power. At the site, Professor Douglas has a video of Trumka on PBS News Hour last night. He debunks Trumka’s claims in this post.

Update 2: therightscoop has video of Greta van Susteren’s interview with WI Fleebagger , Sen. Lena Taylor from Friday night’s “On the Record.”

I gotta hand it to Greta for not just accepting the lies from this fleebagger. The runaway Dem from Wisconsin tried to paint Scott Walker as a liar for doing something he didn’t campaign on doing, but Greta says he’s doing exactly what he campaigned on and wonders how the Democrat can say that.


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