Malkin: Stanford alumni blow the whistle on Valerie Jarrett

By Michelle Malkin
November 15, 2009

All is not lost in the Ivory Tower!

In September/October, Stanford Magazine ran a lavish softball profile of Valerie Jarrett (Stanford ‘78) on her role as Barack Obama’s confidante (h/t – reader Ed R.):

Jarrett has been an ever-present figure throughout Obama’s improbable ascent and has become a star in her own right. She appears regularly on national television advocating the president’s position on an array of issues. She was profiled in July on the cover of the New York Times Magazine, and earlier in Vogue. She is that rare political appointee who becomes a public figure, known to millions despite working in what would typically be a behind-the-scenes role.

Political savvy, extraordinary personal skills and intense loyalty established Jarrett as a central member of Obama’s inner circle long before she arrived at the White House. She was co-manager of the presidential campaign, but more appropriately she was its guiding light—the person in every room who best knew the Illinois senator, and who held the most sway. Considered a candidate for Obama’s vacated Senate seat, Jarrett declined the opportunity. “I want her inside the White House,” Obama insisted. “She is family,” the president told the Times; “. . . she is someone I trust completely.”

…But Stanford alumni made sure the magazine’s readership knew the rest of the story.

In the November/December issue of Stanford Magazine, letter-writers filled in the blanks left by the puff piece…

Read the whole thing here.

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