Mandela Crashes Obama Johannesburg Appearance

Everyone wants to bask in Obama’s sunshine, even the deceased.

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An international incident was touched off yesterday in Johannesburg, South Africa when a good-will appearance by President Obama was interrupted by an impromptu funeral.

Mr. Obama was generously posing for souvenir pictures of himself with fawning admirers at the FNB Stadium (Soccer City) when security people rolled Nelson Mandela’s casket in and demanded to have a memorial service. When questioned as to why they were disrupting Mr. Obama’s appearance, the security men offered no explanation aside from “we reserved the stadium last week for this.”

“This kind of thing is a constant problem for Mr. Obama” said one of his sycophants staff. “Everyone wants to bask in his sunshine, even the deceased.”

“Then again, it’s not surprising that the life-challenged are attracted to him as he was a fierce advocate for voting rights for the dead when he lived in Chicago.” …


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…“Didn’t we do a story like three weeks ago about a person taking a picture at a funeral,” Glenn asked on radio this morning, “and we were like, ‘Who does that? Do you have no sense of where you are?’”…

The series of photos in one Tweet:



A larger view of the photos is here.


From The Daily Mail.





Has Mrs. Obama forgotten her skirt? The gentleman seated in front of her…Well, there’s not much left to his imagination.



More from the British papers: Selfie at Funeral: Cameron Squeezes in on Obama Snap at Mandela Memorial

They’ll look back on this selfie, years from now, and think “what on earth were we doing? We’re world leaders, not a bunch of giggling teenagers. We’re attending the memorial service of Nelson Mandela. Couldn’t we have waited a bit before goofing around?” The only person to come out of this with dignity in tact is Michelle Obama, who looks frosty to say the least…



Forget the death glare: Check out what furious FLOTUS did to Obama [pics]



And more photos and video at The NY Daily News.

…President Obama was caught committing a funeral faux pas — snapping a selfie during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and British PM David Cameron. The threesome smiled as the Scandinavian beauty held her smartphone out to capture the moment but Michelle Obama sat at a distance, as if in disapproval of the digital display…




Glenn Beck Says He Nearly Lost His Mind When He Heard CNN’s Christiane Amanpour Say This

…“Every time she has the opportunity to take Israel down, she does,” Beck said. “Look at that! She’s talking about Nelson Mandela and out of the blue, ‘I can’t help but think about Israel, and how Israel should learn from Nelson Mandela.’”…




Obama Shaking Hands With Raúl Castro Insults Efforts of Cuban Dissidents

President Obama’s warm greeting to Cuban dictator Raúl Castro at Tuesday’s memorial for Nelson Mandela rightfully sparked the ire of those with a passion for human rights. In greeting Castro, Obama discredits the work of dissidents Castro routinely arrests and assaults…




OH BAM! Obama’s Castro handshake in shattering perspective   In which you can see video of our President bowing to yet another dictator.






Sen. Ted Cruz walks out on Raúl Castro’s speech at Mandela memorial




Rush Limbaugh Reacts to Obama Handshake with Castro: “He’s Got No Business Shaking His Hand” with Americans Languishing in Cuban “Dungeons”

…“Even in death, Mandela is uniting the Communist World,” Limbaugh said. He further said Obama “has got no business shaking his hand” with Americans languishing in Cuban “dungeons,” along with many other political prisoners…




What does Allan Gross and his family think about the handshake between Obama and Castro?

…We deserve a president with a better sense of timing or a gate keeper who keeps him ahead of the game.

Some should have briefed President Obama with a simple message: “Look out for Raul….he will be there.”

Or, at least we deserve a president who defends his citizens when they are held illegally by rogue states.

Obama missed an opportunity to promote US values, such as due process for US citizens abroad.




And, predictably, George W. Bush represents US with class, gets booed at #MandelaMemorial [pic]

…Bush’s work in Africa speaks louder than any chorus of boos…



The NY Daily News wonders whether this photo from today's funeral is "appropriate?" George W Bush with Bono via Instagram

The NY Daily News wonders whether this photo from today’s funeral is “appropriate?” George W Bush with Bono via Instagram



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