Mark Levin and FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai discuss FCC Internet power grab

David Leeper
Western Free Press

Obama and his merry band of bureaucrats are doing it again. Called “Obamacare for the Internet,” the FCC has developed in secret a 332-page bill to regulate and tax the Internet as a public utility.

Normally such a drastic regulatory power grab would be debated furiously for months in Congress and by the public. But that’s not how the Obama administration, the self-declared most open and transparent in history, actually works, does it?

Here’s an 8-minute discussion of the latest federal power grab and stealth tax increase. The speakers are radio show host Mark Levin and FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, an amiable-sounding fellow who is astonished at the way the FCC is behaving as a rubber stamp for Obama’s wishes. As Mark Levin would say, this is Stalinist!…



Listen to the discussion at Western Free Press.



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…Back in May when I read about Barrack Mussolini wanting to impose an internet ID I knew what was coming. And I was right.

Barack Obama is going to take control of the internet and he is going to do to conservative free speech on the net what his Nazi IRSS did for conservatives during the 2010 and 2012 elections. And it will all be in the name of “fairness.”…





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