Mark Levin explains to Glenn Beck why we now live in ‘post-Constitutional’ society

Glenn Beck

On radio this morning, Glenn spoke to fellow conservative author and radio personality Mark Levin about his latest book, The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Public. Much like Glenn, Mark has been making the case that the principles and values that founded this nation have unraveled. In his new book, Mark provides a thorough look at the beliefs of the Founding Fathers and the language of the Constitution itself to put forth a plan to restore the American Republic.

Today’s radio interview marked the first time Glenn and Mark had ever spoken, and they quickly found that they agree on a lot of things – mainly, there is an ever-growing need to restore America.

“Tell me about the amendments because first of all, I don’t think people understand what has been taken out of our Constitution and how much we have been changed in the last hundred years,” Glenn said. “People don’t even understand the czars are not Constitutional and everything that has happened. You’re calling for a Constitutional Convention.”

“We live in what I call a ‘post-Constitutional’ period. And you’re well familiar with Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive movement. We have to accept the fact that they won. They did win and this utopian statism and Constitutional Republicanism cannot coexist. And they don’t coexist,” Mark explained. And the circle of liberty around every individual is shrinking and shrinking and shrinking… So if you believe in the Constitution, then you have to believe it’s time to reestablish it.”

“And the Framers gave us one way to reestablish the Constitution, should the federal government become oppressive. And that’s George Mason’s own words from the Constitutional Convention,” he continued. “And two days before the end of at that Convention, in Philadelphia, he stood up and he said: ‘Look, what if Congress becomes oppressive? What if this new government becomes oppressive? Short of violence, what can the people do? Congress is not going to propose amendments to the states to fix themselves.’ And so, he insisted that the states have the power to get together and propose amendments to all the states – still requiring three-fourths ratification. And so, we can talk about the culture, and you do and I do, and we can talk about aspects like that. But when we’re talking about the Constitution, people say, ‘I thought Levin he revered the Constitution, now you want to change it.’ No, I want to bring it back. And the book has some of my ideas.”

With that idea in mind, Glenn and Mark went on to discuss the practicality and ramifications of undertaking such a movement.

“Pat and I’ve been talking about the Constitutional Convention. We talked about it for years, and Pat said, ‘No, no, no,’” Glenn concluded. “I think there’s something to this case. And I think Mark just made that case.”…


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…If the apparatchiks in the Republican Party, if the leadership in the Republican Party, if the Republican mouthpieces in the pseudo-conservative media continue to attack constitutional tea party conservatives, Reagan conservatives, them I’m leaving.

They think this is a joke? Let me tell you something folks. Obamacare is no joke. The fiscal disaster this nation faces is no joke.

And I’ll be damned if I’m going to be part of a party that stands for nothing and is always trying to avoid confrontation, whose leaders are not conservative and yet they turn on conservatives.

If this keeps up, I’m out…

In the very next segment on the air, Levin expounded on his above warning and explained why people like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee get it, why we fight today for victory tomorrow…






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