Mark Levin Exposing Obama and Defending Capitalism, Private Property Rights

The Right Scoop

In an excellent opening segment, Mark Levin responded to Obama’s tax increase proposal of the so-called ‘rich’, asking first whether conservatives and Republicans are even capable of exposing Obama’s welfare state and defending Capitalism, private property rights and the greatest economy on the face of the earth. That’s the question, and then he responds by doing just that.



Listen to the audio at The Right Scoop.



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President Obama plans to announce new tax policies that will have a dramatic impact on anyone hoping to leave money for their kids. On radio this morning, Glenn detailed the new plan and went off on what amounts to double taxation.

Glenn took specific issue with two pieces of tax policy. First, Obama plans to raise the top capital gains tax from 23.8 percent to 28 percent. Secondly, he plans to propose taxing capital gains at death, keeping them from going to the estate’s heirs tax-free…




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