Mark Levin gives brilliant explanation of both Obama and Boehner

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Mark Levin steps into the shoes of both Obama and Boehner, explaining the mindset of both men and why they operate as they do. This isn’t a comparison of the two men, but rather an attempt to give a deeper insight into what’s really going on in Washington by explaining the two men.

It’s excellent. Here’s the audio.

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Obama: Republicans must raise rates to create revenue

Didn’t Obama admit to Jay Leno that he’s not all that good with math? YAHOO NEWS…

Huelskamp on being booted from budget committee: It’s not about principles, it’s about blind obedience

Rep. Huelskamp says him being booted from a committee because of his dissent over raising taxes will just feed the cynicism people have about Washington, that it’s petty and vindictive and it’s not about principle but rather blind obedience…

Mark Levin interviews Rep. Huelskamp: “I don’t turn my district over to John Boehner”

Mark Levin interviewed Rep. Huelskamp about his being booted from both the Agriculture and Budget committees because he disagreed with raising taxes. Huelskamp says he was told that someone walked in with a list to see how people were going to vote, and while he hasn’t been given an explanation for why he was dumped from both committees, he says it has to be about his dissent. In fact he says he was told that he had to vote x percent of the time with leadership if he wanted to stay in the committees. But he says he doesn’t turn over his district to Boehner, Obama, or anyone else.

Mark Levin goes NUCLEAR: “Who the hell does Boehner think he is?”

Mark Levin has had enough, saying that Huelskamp was elected by American citizens in his district who sent him there to vote the way he pledged to them he’d vote, and now Huelskamp is being treated like crap from Speaker Boehner because he’s not falling in line? Levin asks “who the hell does Speaker Boehner think he is?”

Obama demands debt ceiling be part of deal, says he’s not playing the ‘negotiating’ game anymore

I hear more from Obama about what he wants than what he’s willing to concede. First it’s an increase in tax rates and now it’s an increase in the debt ceiling…

Mitch McConnell called the Senate’s bluff on Obama’s fiscal cliff proposal

Mitch McConnell called the Senate’s bluff on Obama’s absurd fiscal cliff proposal from last week and tried to get an up-or-down vote on it. But Harry Reid wouldn’t allow it, calling it a ‘stunt’ and basically proving McConnell’s point that the proposal was totally unserious:

Update: House GOP Leaders Purged Conservatives Using Secret Criteria List

House Republican leaders used a secret criteria list to decide which conservatives to purge from powerful House committees, Breitbart News has learned. As this time, it appears they will keep the criteria list hidden from the public, too. Spokespeople for members of House GOP leadership have refused to discuss details about the list on the record with press.

Because GOP Leadership won’t discuss the list, it’s unclear what specific criteria the list contained and how much of a role it played in the conservative purge. It’s also unclear which member of House Republican leadership initiated this process.

In remarks to the Heritage Foundation’s Bloggers Briefing on Tuesday, Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp confirmed the existence of such a list….

The Hill: No GOP Opposition to Boehner’s Tax Hike Flip-Flop

DeMint: Washington is Lost for Now.

…DeMint says Democrats would prefer that Republicans not give in but stand their ground against different tax treatment for middle and upper-class taxpayers. That’s because the resultant tax hikes would give Obama more money to spend. “They want us to go over this so-called “cliff” because it gives them a chance to get what they want in terms of higher taxes and they believe the mainstream media will blame Republicans and it will hurt us more than it will hurt them,” he said.

The new goals for conservatives, he says, should be to work in states and prove their principles work, all while defending against President Obama’s effort “to steamroll what’s left of the Republican Party here in Washington.”…


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