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Mark Levin was on Your World with Neil Cavuto today to discuss Boehner’s attack on conservatives as well as the budget deal and more.

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Also at the site,  Mark Levin and Glenn Beck on the radio together discuss the Republican Party and more… 

Glenn Beck was on the Mark Levin Show tonight discussing his new book, Miracles and Massacres, when the interview turned to Boehner and the Republican Party. One question from Levin about it and Beck was off to the races, as both feel deeply that the Republican Party is part of the problem and needs to be replaced.

You can listen to the politics portion of the interview [at the link]. If you want to listen to Beck talk about his book, which as Levin said was quite compelling, you can download Mark’s podcast at his website.



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Boehner says conservative groups “misleading their followers,” have “lost all credibility.”

…“I’m as conservative as anybody around here,” Boehner said. “All the things that we’ve done over the three years that I’ve been speaker have not violated any conservative principles. Not one.”

“It just comes to a point where some people step over the line,” he said. “When you criticize something and you have no idea what your criticizing, it undermines your credibility.”

The budget passed the House 332-94, so who voted against it?

Here are the 94 names who voted against the budget bill, which passed on a heavy bipartisan basis 332-94. Note that it is a mix of both Republicans and Democrats…




Update: Conservatives respond to Boehner’s charges 

…Mark Levin said last night that Boehner’s own people were calling media people over the weekend to talk about the pending deal. So when he wonders why they criticized it before they saw the agreement, it’s because these groups already had an idea of what the deal would be…



Read the whole thing.



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