Mark Levin: Why the HELL would Republicans provide Obama with a blank check on trade?

The Right Scoop

Mark Levin blasted Republicans today for voting, procedurally, to approve Obama’s fast track on ‘free’ trade. Levin says we know exactly who this man is and what his ideology is and asks why in hell Republicans would provide him with a blank check on trade. He said there is nothing ‘free’ about this and explains what he really thinks is going on.



Listen to the audio at The Right Scoop.



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…At issue is Obama’s push for so-called “fast track” authority–which would let him negotiate trade deals that Congress can reject or ratify, but not amend. In the short-term, he wants to use this to pursue a broad trade pact with Japan and other Pacific nations…

Update: Rand Paul Comes Out Swinging Against Obama’s Secret Trade Deal Amid Collapse

…“I’ve told leadership I’m a ‘no’ vote” on trade promotion authority,” Paul said in New Hampshire, according to WMUR. “I’m hesitant to give blanket authority on stuff we haven’t seen. I’m not saying there wouldn’t be a time I could be for it, if I’d seen the trade agreement, and it’s fine.”

“I still might vote for the trade agreement, but I hate giving up power. We give up so much power from Congress to the presidency, and with them being so secretive on the treaty, it just concerns me what’s in the treaty,” Paul added…



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