Mark Steyn: CDC Operating Under Obama’s ‘Citizen of the World Ideal’

Obama forcing CDC to act like “some super U.N. clinic for West Africa” rather than actually protecting American people

Bradford Thomas
Truth Revolt

In an interview on the Hugh Hewitt radio show Saturday, Mark Steyn told guest-host Mark Larson that the problem with the Center for Disease Control is that it is operating under President Obama’s “citizen of the world ideal,” acting in essence as “some super U.N. clinic for West Africa rather than actually trying to do the job for which it was set up and funded.”

Larson began the conversation by asking Steyn to comment on the “rhetorical dance move” Obama was attempting to perform with his administration’s response to Ebola. Steyn accused the government of not being honest with the American people, arguing that quarantining a region via travel ban is a tried-and-true strategy used for thousands of years, and suggesting political motives for the president’s recent order for 4,000 troops to be deployed to the region:

…Steyn: […]The problem here, the problem in political terms, the problem is that the government is not being honest with us. You saw that in this ridiculous fellow, Thomas Frieden from the CDC in his appearance today who couldn’t tell us about the travel ban. I mean, it is a basic thing going back thousands of years that when you have something infectious, you quarantine it. When I was a schoolboy, I learned about the great plague in London in 1666. The reason why it’s a great plague in London, and it never spread up the country to northern England or Scotland is because they quarantined it. It turned up in some Derbyshire village that had received some clothes from London, and that Derbyshire village was quarantined so it didn’t spread to all kinds of other towns and villages in the north of England. And the question, and the inability of the government to give an answer as to why they’re not quarantining this in West Africa is at the heart of this. Obama has now dispatched, according to the Pentagon, 4,000 U.S. troops will be in West Africa dealing with this. The official death toll is 4,500. He’s sending one American soldier … for every fatality. Why?…



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