Mark Steyn Reminds Democrats: The Confederate Flag Belongs To Their Party




Rusty Weiss
The Political Insider

Columnist Mark Steyn weighed in on the Confederate flag debate, saying it’s absurd that the Republican party has been linked with the controversial relic because it’s actually a “Democrat flag.”

Steyn ripped the Democrat party historically, saying they were “the largest and most powerful institution supporting slavery” and that they’ve “never come to terms with the evil of its past.”

“The idea that Republicans can have the Confederate flag hung around their necks is ridiculous,” Steyn stated. “It’s a Democrat flag. The states that seceded during the Civil War were all Democrat states, that’s their flag. The slave states were Democrat states, the racist states until the 1960’s were Democrat states.”

Watch Steyn’s blistering commentary and Sean Hannity’s segment which explains the real history behind slavery and the Confederate flag…


The article continues, with video, at The Political Insider.


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…“It’s a party with an incredible century-and-a-half history of institutional racism. There’s nothing like it anywhere on the planet…



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