Mark Steyn Says He Likes Ted Cruz and Explains Why

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Mark Steyn really is one of today’s intellectual heavy weights when it comes to understanding politics and the culture. And for most of the interview he and Hannity discuss the amazing hole American seems to be in and how Republicans are losing the argument.

But at the end of the interview he describes why he is still an optimist about America and when asked if there is anyone out there who could make a difference, he said he likes Ted Cruz. Why? Because Ted Cruz isn’t interested in conceding ground to the left, but rather pulling them in his direction.



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Mark Steyn, Syndicated Columnist, and Author of the “The Undocumented Mark Steyn: Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned“, joined Gibson to discuss his new book and the shooting in Canada’s government complex yesterday, killing a soldier and sending Ottawa into an all-out panic. Steyn told Gibson he finds it depressing President Obama and other leaders take refuse in multiculturalism instead of dealing with radical Islam. Steyn said he is tired of people being asked to change to accommodate Muslim radicals.



Women, Islam, and the West’s Loss of Cultural Self-Confidence

…Because, for all the awesome social services and consumer goods it can offer, Europe has become incapable of endowing the lives of its citizens, Muslim or not, with meaning. A generation of young European Muslims are giving up their relatively easy lives in Malmö, Marseilles, and Manchester for the battlefields of Syria and Iraq, because Europe is devoid of values worth living—or dying—for. They are leaving for the same reason that Europe’s Jews are moving to Israel: Strength and a sense of purpose can be found elsewhere, whether it’s ISIS, Vladimir Putin, Ali Khameni, or the IDF…



CAJ note: In line with Steyn’s remarks about Cruz pulling the electorate in his direction, we found this video profile about a candidate who appears to be trying to do much the same in his state:

Meet the Candidates – Bob Healey

Cool Moose -turned-Moderate Party candidate Bob Healey is making his fourth run for governor. While some things have changed since his first race (the proliferation of social media), other things remain the same (he still does not accept campaign contributions). This week Jim Hummel sits down with Healey, who rejects the idea that voting for him is a “wasted’’ vote. Hear why.


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