Massive Suicide Blast in Iran

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[CAJ note: this video may be disturbing to young or very sensitive viewers.]

From The Times [UK]:
Suicide attack on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard leaves 42 dead

Iran vowed revenge on Britain and the US yesterday after blaming them for a devastating suicide attack against the elite Revolutionary Guards that killed 42 people, including six senior commanders.

The bombing, at a Revolutionary Guards gathering in the turbulent southeast of the country, was the worst attack on the powerful unit in recent years. Responsibility was swiftly claimed by Jundallah, a militant Sunni group that has regularly attacked the Guards in its battle against the Government and the Shia majority. It is thought to operate across the lawless border with Pakistan.

Last night Islamabad’s Ambassador to Tehran was summoned to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, which protested against “the use of Pakistani territory by the terrorists” against Iran. But the harshest words were reserved for the US and Britain, which Tehran accused of backing Jundallah in an attempt to overthrow the Islamic regime. The Guards blamed the bombing on “terrorists” backed by “the Great Satan America and its ally Britain”.

An official military statement added: “Not in the distant future we will take revenge. There is no doubt that this savage and inhuman act falls within the Satanic strategy of the foreigners and enemies of the regime, who are trying to break the unity among the Shias and Sunnis.” …

…Ali Larijani, the parliament’s hardline Speaker, accused the US of ordering the bombing and reneging on its new policy of engagement with Tehran. “Mr Obama has said he will extend his hand towards Iran, but with this terrorist action he has burnt his hand,” he said.

Britain and the US firmly denounced the attack and the claims of their involvement. “We reject in the strongest terms possible the assertions that this has anything to do with the UK,” a spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said. The State Department in Washington added: “Reports of alleged US involvement are completely false.” …

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