Massive tornadoes toss 18-wheelers across the skies as ‘large and extremely dangerous’ twisters target Texas

  • Tornadoes reported in Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as cities Arlington and Lancaster
  • News footage shows tractor-trailers being thrown by massive twister
  • Several homes in the path of storm reportedly destroyed and others with their roofs torn off
  • Tens of thousands of homes without power
  • Flights into and out of DFW International Airport cancelled by FAA

The Daily Mail [UK]
3 April 2012

Millions of people are being urged to seek shelter immediately as dramatic news footage shows trucks and other massive debris being thrown across the skies in Texas.

Weather service advisories issued today said storm spotters and radar revealed separate tornadoes south of Dallas and Fort Worth, as well as Arlington.

Incredible news footage of the twister shows a massive funnel cloud and tractor trailers being launched above the area.

Powerful storm: A close-up view shows the airborne tractor-trailer above the Dallas Fort-Worth region. Click on the image to enlarge.

Wrath of the storm: 18-wheelers are overturned and destroyed in Texas after the devestating tornado swept through the region. Click on the image to enlarge.


One tornado tore through the Flying J Truck Plaza in Dallas, grabbing two trailer trucks and tossing them, said truck driver Michael Glennon, who caught the destruction on his video camera as debris swirled through the air.

He said: ‘The second trailer is ripped to pieces and thrown 50 to 100 feet into the air’.

The storm is believed to have leveled several homes, and tens of thousands of others are without power…

The Forth Worth Star-Telegram reported that officials at DFW International Airport have warned anyone in the airport to retreat to terminal storm shelters and to stay away from windows.

David Magana, a spokesman for DFW International Airport, told NBC DFW: ‘We are sheltering passengers at the moment’…

The complete article, with many more photos and video, is at The Daily Mail.


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