Maureen Dowd’s disgusting insinuation that Joe Wilson is a racist would land her in court in Britain

by Damian Thompson
14 September 2009

Nasty piece of work, Maureen Dowd. In the Barack Obama-worshipping New York Times over the weekend, she insinuated that Congressman Joe Wilson’s “you lie” outburst during the presidential address was inspired by racism…

…This isn’t a case of limey gutlessness. It’s to do with our legal requirement that if you accuse someone of a gross moral lapse, you have to prove your case. Dowd has just strongly implied that Wilson insulted the office of the president (and there’s no doubt that he did, and was right to apologise) because he’s a racist. Evidence? None that a jury over here wouldn’t throw out in five minutes…

The Telegraph article continues here.

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