Mayor Bloomberg cowers to GZ Mosque, Attacks Sodas

“We’re simply forcing you to understand…”

Ben Barrack

When one looks at how Mayor Michael ‘the Dhimmi’ Bloomberg bowed to Ground Zero mosque imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and contrasts it with his decision to go to war against the 32 oz. soda two years later, it doesn’t take a psychologist to diagnose him.

Mayor Bloomberg is employing the defense mechanism known as displacement:

Have you ever had a really bad day at work and then gone home and taken out your frustration on family and friends? Then you have experienced the ego defense mechanism of displacement. Displacement involves taking out our frustrations, feelings and impulses on people or objects that are less threatening. Displaced aggression is a common example of this defense mechanism. Rather than express our anger in ways that could lead to negative consequences (like arguing with our boss), we instead express our anger towards a person or object that poses no threat (such as our spouse, children or pets).

Ok, so what’s the bigger threat, Islamists like Rauf and Siraj Wahhaj who seek to replace the US Constitution with sharia law OR small business owners who sell big gulps? If you ask Mayor Dhimmi, it’s the latter…

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Also at the site, Austrian MP’s Churchillian rant directed at Turkish Ambassador

…The western world is rapidly reaching a point where it will have to choose the path of Chamberlain or Churchill. After watching this, you will have no doubt what side Stadler has chosen.

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You only thought you lived in the land of the free.

H/T Theo Spark

Update: Bloomberg pitches soda ban in appearance to celebrate National Doughnut Day

…In an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show on Friday — a day celebrated by Bloomberg as National Doughnut Day — he was challenged by host Matt Lauer on how effective the ban might be.

Lauer reminded Bloomberg that his administration came out in support of National Doughnut Day, which Lauer said “sounds ridiculous” in the wake of his attempts to ban large-sized sodas…

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