‘McAleer is a Disinformer, a Denier, a Liar’

by K. Daniel Glover
Not Evil Just Wrong
The True Cost of Global Warming Hysteria
Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Days after its Oct. 18 debut, Not Evil Just Wrong earned press coverage in the environmental community. The trade publication E&E News, whose sister publications include Greenwire and ClimateWire, yesterday ran a story about our film and its quest to counter the misinformation in Al Gore’s 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

The article by Alex Kaplun noted the success of the premiere, including about 6,500 simultaneous U.S. screenings and 1,500 foreign screenings. The piece also noted that about 400,000 people watched the film in its first week of release even though Gore and his allies in Hollywood would not help distribute it.

“When you make a documentary questioning the environmental movement, questioning Al Gore, the movie establishment isn’t going to distribute it,” E&E News quoted Phelim as saying.

That’s why Ann & Phelim took the message of Not Evil Just Wrong straight to the people who have been protesting all year to protect the American Dream from draconian environmental regulation. “We’re sort of the cinematic wing of the Tea Party movement,” Phelim said.

He later added: “The environmental movement is so powerful that the same questions need to be asked about big environment that are being asked about big business, big politics and big religion. Environmentalists do a great job of portraying themselves as the underdogs, but some of them have marketing budgets that are bigger than some coal companies, gas companies.”

The E&E News article made clear that environmentalists don’t like Not Evil Just Wrong. The harshest slam came from Joe Romm, a senior fellow at the liberal Center for American Progress. “McAleer is a disinformer, a denier, a liar,” Romm wrote earlier this month on his blog Climate Progress. He said the film is riddled with errors and called it “anti-Gore and anti-environmental junk science.”

But Americans know environmental alarmists like Romm are hostile because Not Evil Just Wrong exposes their tactics.

The article ended with a great quote from Phelim about the next step in the campaign to fight global warming hysteria — getting Not Evil Just Wrong into every U.S. school as a counterbalance to Gore’s movie: “We’re not saying ban ‘Inconvenient Truth‘ — I hate the people who ban things — but let’s get some balance, let’s have a debate. If the world is really in that much trouble, let’s talk about the best way to solve the problem.”

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