McAuliffe & Obama Hold Rally in Virginia… Tea Party Breaks Out

Jim Hoft
The Gateway Pundit

…Obama lied. Your insurance died. Your Doc is gone. What more could go wrong??? Terry McCauliffe could be governor.

A nice crowd turned out for the rally…

The complete article is at The Gateway Pundit.


CAJ note:  The video was posted by YouTube subscriber Lowell Feld who wrote:

At Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia on 11/3/13, mail uk viagra prior to a rally of 1,600 people for the Virginia Democratic ticket with President Barack Obama. Note the crazy signs, costumes, etc., and draw your own conclusions about who to vote for (hint: the ones INSIDE the building) on Tuesday and who NOT to vote for (hint: the people OUTSIDE the building with the crazy signs, costumes, etc.).


A few years ago we enjoyed a fabulous meal in a restaurant located in the southwest corner of Virginia. The owner was originally from Manassas, he said, “when it was still Virginia.” This election seems to be proving his point.



Related: Obama Bashes “Extremist” Tea Party While Campaigning For McAuliffe, Fails To Mention Obamacare…

President Barack Obama cast Republican Ken Cuccinelli on Sunday as part of an extreme tea party Republican faction that shut down the government, throwing the political weight of the White House behind Democrat Terry McAuliffe in the final days of a bitter race for governor.

Seeking an upset, Cuccinelli cast this week’s Virginia gubernatorial election as a referendum on Obama’s troubled national health care law…



Meanwhile, who needs friends like these RINOs: Gloves Off: GOP Establishment Goes After Tea Party

The National Republican Senate Committee, the GOP campaign arm responsible for Senate elections, has decided to use its political power to block consulting firm Jamestown Associates from receiving political work from GOP candidates or incumbents.

Jamestown’s “sin” is working with the Senate Conservative Fund, an organization that supports conservative candidates for the US Senate.

NRSC communications staffer Brad Dayspring, a former spokesman for House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), told The New York Times on Friday, “We’re not going to do business with people who profit off of attacking Republicans. Purity for profit is a disease that threatens the Republican Party.”…




Must be time for me to make another contribution to the Senate Conservative Fund….


Update:   President Obama ties Ken Cuccinelli to GOP obstructionists

Democrats gambled on Sunday that Virginia voters are angrier with Republicans over the shutdown than at Barack Obama for the botched health care rollout….


“Obstructionists.” Well, it IS an article from Politico…



Update 2: Chris Christie Is About To Win A Landslide, And He Wants Republicans Everywhere To Understand Why

…Christie was too polite to say this, but Republicans will actually be watching two states on Tuesday: New Jersey, where Christie will win a landslide, and Virginia, where Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli will lose badly.

Unlike Christie, Cuccinelli is a favorite of conservatives who love ideological purity and hate compromise. You could hardly come up with a better test case for Christie’s compromise-or-die message…

So the question here is when does the left ever begin to compromise? This, for us, is the problem with Christie’s hypothesis on winning elections. Or, has America finally, tragically become Europe, where conservatism is extinct?


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