A Large Foot in the Door for Sharia Finance

Gates of Vienna

…Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center, mentions Andrew McCarthy’s warnings about Obama’s nominee [except for one reference below, see the rest of McCarthy’s links at his site]:

During her a stint at the Clinton White House, we now know, Ms. Kagan struck the pose of a champion of women’s rights – at least if you weren’t an unborn girl. So fierce was her devotion to the cause of “reproductive freedom” that she subverted science in the service of abortion on demand – specifically, to preserve the partial-birth abortion procedure, which exceeds even stoning in its ghastliness. She then went on to Harvard Law School where, as dean, she became the champion of sharia.

To hear progressives tell it, we can do nice, clean, friendly sharia, just like we do nice, clean, friendly Islam. “Lapidations,” they will tell you, are no different from jihadist suicide bombings: outmoded vestiges of a long-forgotten time. Except they’re not. They are undeniably rooted in Islamic scripture, and they are happening today, with frequency, wherever sharia reigns. That is because the “moderate Islam” progressives like to banter about is a mirage in search of a cogent set of principles. There is no moderate Islam that can compete with the mainstream, sharia Islam. Thus the crimes and punishments, in all their ghoulishness, endure.

The progressives aren’t listening, Mr. McCarthy. Their political views have left them blind and deaf to any ideas that might threaten their deep, abiding faith in diversity. Kumbiyah, and hand me a stone…if others — and they don’t know these people anyway, so who cares? — have to suffer, too bad. Just don’t get interfere with us on our way down the yellow brick road of Good Intentions.

Real courage at Harvard would have called for condemning the university’s profoundly immoral, gluttonous promotion of sharia. While Kagan was at the law school, her patron, Harvard’s president Larry Summers, accepted a stunning $20 million donation for the creation of a program of studies to lionize Islam’s history and jurisprudence.

Rudy Giuliani had the courage Summers lacks. The mayor turned down the Saudi prince, who had offered New York City his millions for the Twin Tower destruction and slaughter. All New York had to do was blame American foreign policy for the barbarian atrocities.

McCarthy rightly calls Summers the anti-Giuliani. Summers took the money and ran with it. All he had to do was create another Harvard program…for the promotion of Sharia finance.

And why not? By then, as Ben Shapiro reported, Harvard’s law school already had three Saudi-funded institutions devoted to the study of sharia.

Ah, yes, Mecca-by-the-Charles. Is there nothing Summers or Harvard won’t do for money? So far we haven’t seen his or Kagan’s limits, but we can see the potential for the damage that will follow in their wake…

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