Media Matters Attacks Beck – Ignores Progressive Roots Of The Klan And Holocaust

by Andrew Marcus

Media Matters is attempting to attack Glenn Beck over his exposé of Progressive violence and crimes against humanity in the previous century.

Media Matters can spend all year trying to deny the blood soaked roots of the progressive movement, but that’s a little like Democrat Robert Byrd arguing that there was no such thing as slavery, let alone the KKK.

Case in point, one topic Media Matters and other progressive groups don’t want to deal with is how Progressive Eugenics inspired the Master Race holocaust of WWII.

I have covered this here before, and the facts are truly damning as well as irrefutable.

To see just how involved the American Progressive movement was in the global effort to murder the “inferior” in the name of their junk science of Eugenics, we dare you to click through to this Google Books page for Black’s book, War Against The Weak. The link highlights the word Progressive everywhere it appears in the text.

And before the folks at Media Matters try to destroy the source of the detailed research which reveals how America’s Progressive movement collaborated with the Nazis to commit genocide, we would simply like to wish you good luck with that.

I would like to officially challenge the folks at Media Matters, and other progressive intellectual sink-holes, to address their movement’s role in the Nazi genocide.

The Neo-Progressives might do themselves a service by admitting the damage their predecessors have done, and trying to make amends for their horrors. Denying these documented crimes is the same as excusing them.

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Beck’s documentary can be viewed in six segments at Search for “753- Glenn Beck Show 01-22-10.”

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