Meet the Mild-Mannered Investment Advisor Who's Humiliating the Administration Over Obamacare

David Weigel

Rich Weinstein is not a reporter. He does not have a blog. Until this week, the fortysomething’s five-year old Twitter account had a follower count in the low double digits.

“I’m an investment advisor,” Weinstein tells me from his home near Philadelphia. “I’m a nobody. I’m the guy who lives in his mom’s basement wearing a tinfoil hat.” (He’s joking about the mom and the tinfoil.)

He’s also behind a series of scoops that could convince the Supreme Court to dismantle part of the Affordable Care Act. Weinstein has absorbed hours upon hours of interviews with Jonathan Gruber, an MIT professor who advised the Massachusetts legislature when it created “Romneycare” and the Congress when it created “Obamacare.” Conservatives had been looking for ways to demonstrate that the wording of the ACA denied insurance subsidies to consumers in states that did not create their own health exchanges. Weinstein found a clip of Gruber suggesting that states that did not create health insurance exchanges risked giving up the ACA’s subsidies; it went straight into the King v. Burwell brief, and into a case that’s currently headed to the Supreme Court…



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Update:   Obamacare Architect Gruber:  I Regret Calling American People ‘Stupid’  (video)


Update 2: Watch Trey Gowdy’s Defiant Response to Obamacare Architect Who Previously Said ‘Stupidity’ of Americans Helped Get Law Passed (video)

“Comprehensive is Latin for, ‘there’s lots of bad stuff in here.’ And he just proved that he is willing to lie… because he has the arrogance of thinking that he knows what is best for this country and the citizens and the voters do not. So, keep that in mind the next time anyone tries to sell you a big piece of legislation by calling it comprehensive.”


Update 3: Trey Gowdy calls on Obama to ‘repudiate’ Obamacare architect for ‘smoking gun’ video

Rep. Trey Gowdy is calling on President Obama to “repudiate” Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber after video emerged of Gruber describing how the “stupidity of the American voter” helped get the healthcare law passed through Congress…



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