Megyn Kelly interviews expert on IPAB aka ‘Death Panels’

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This is a great interview with Michael Cannon as he explains how IPAB will ration care by reducing what Medicare spends on health care. This coming after Mark Halperin agreed (before walking it back on twitter) that death panels are in fact baked into Obamacare because the IPAB has the ability ration care.

Cannon explains that IPAB being able to set Medicare prices (what they pay the doctor or hospital) IS the power to ration care and that the prohibition in Obamacare against rationing care is toothless…


Watch the video at The Right Scoop.



Related: Mark Halperin: Obamacare Contains ‘Death Panels’

The Affordable Care Act contains provisions for “death panels,” which decide which critically ill patients receive care and which don’t, says Mark Halperin, senior political analyst for Time magazine.

“It’s built into the plan. It’s not like a guess or like a judgment. That’s going to be part of how costs are controlled,” Halperin told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“We do need to do some of that in this country, because we can’t afford to spend so much on end-of-life care. A very high percentage of our healthcare spending is for a very small number of people at the last stages of their life,” he said Monday.

“I’m not saying the system shouldn’t allow that, but there’s too much cost. There’re judgments have to be made.”…



Palin: Americans Will Get “Mugged By Reality” When Employer Mandate Hits

…Palin slammed the media for ignoring Obama’s intention to move America to a socialized health care system and urged Americans to elect and support candidates who will fight for patient-centered, free-market reforms…



Krugman: Obamacare Becoming ‘Benghazi-Type Affair’ ‘Nobody Else Cares About’ but GOP

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman informed his audience on Tuesday that the problem-plagued Affordable Care Act has turned a corner. Based on “upbeat” statements from the White House and a shift in the media’s coverage of the implementation of the ACA, Krugman sees the law’s roll-out evolving from a failure into an unmitigated success.

Krugman added that the problems will continue, but not in their present form. “Obamacare will turn into a Benghazi-type affair where Republicans are screaming about a scandal nobody else cares about,” Krugman predicts…



Obama Fails To Mention The Word “Obamacare” During His West Coast Fundraising Spree…



Obamacare tax change will benefit union insurance plans



Valerie Jarrett Targets Hobby Lobby as a “Corporate Entity” Tryin to “Seize a Controlling Interest” Over Women’s Health

White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett called out Hobby Lobby and insisted the Obamacare mandate case that will go before the Supreme Court is about whether big corporations can restrict women from having access to birth control…



Update: Report: Frightened Democrats Urging Obama to Appoint an “ObamaCare Czar” to Salvage Disastrous Health Care Law

…Wendell Goler reports that some Democrats are urging Obama to appoint an “ObamaCare Czar” to get on top of the situation. Wow! Just what we need – another “Czar!”

Obama people are already trying to insulate themselves from continuing Website problems after November 30…



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