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Article and “Generation E” H/T Square Mile Wife . See if you can spot young Ollie Moore in the first photograph below.

‘My mum went crazy’: Student protester pictured in riot helmet says his life has been ‘ruined’

The Daily Mail [UK]
26th November 2010

'My life is ruined': Ollie Moore, pictured, was in London for a job interview and claims he didn't know about the protest

A teenager pictured swearing at police at this week’s student protests claimed his life had been ‘ruined’ and that his mother was enraged by the incident.

Ollie Moore, 17, was photographed wearing a riot helmet in front of a police van that had been vandalised by demonstrators in Whitehall on Wednesday.

Moore’s picture was one of hundreds of images of the violence that afflicted central London this week as protests against tuition fees turned ugly again.

But rather than being a politically-minded protestor, Moore had travelled to London for a job interview.

The teenager, who left Thamesmead School in Shepperton aged 16, spoke today of his regret and how he now fears he will never be able to get a job…

Unrest: Protesters attack an unguarded police van at Whitehall

…Scotland Yard was forced to deploy more than 1,500 officers to attempt to contain the protesters.

The van had been following the crowds to gather intelligence about where they were heading, but it was quickly overwhelmed and abandoned when the occupants feared for their safety.

Masked protesters stripped it and managed to turn on the blue lights and siren.
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