Memo to GOP: Take a Long Look at New York

January 20, 2010

While we’ve chronicled Kirsten Gillibrand’s political vulnerabilities for some time, it may be worth the GOP noticing that her puppet master can also be had.

A little-noticed number in last week’s Marist College poll on the Gillibrand-Ford situation suggests that Sen. Charles Schumer’s national profile could be affecting his approval rating at home.

The poll had Schumer’s negative rating at 42 percent, where it has been for months in Marist — but his approval rating was at 51 percent, one of his lowest in that survey in recent years, and down from 58 percent in September.

“We’re seeing some general erosion in his numbers,” said Marist pollster Lee Miringoff, “from what’s been a consistent mid- to high-50s. This is an electorate that’s increasingly unhappy.

Insiders say Schumer is watching the national trend for any implications for himself — and in a clear signal of anxiety, he was one of the first out of the box with a statement after the Massachusetts election acknowledging the anger among voters at the ruling party.
Did anyone six weeks ago give Scott Brown a chance to win in Massachusetts? Who’s to say an unctuous, imperious oaf like Charles Schumer can’t be picked off?

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