Mia Love: Obama’s Executive Amnesty ‘Looks More Like A Dictatorship’

Alex Griswold
The Daily Caller

Utah Republican Congresswoman-elect Mia Love told the hosts of “Fox and Friends” that President Barack Obama’s plan for unilateral executive amnesty looks “more like a dictatorship” than a democracy.

“This is not about the president. It’s about the American people, and what the American people want the president to do,” Love said Wednesday. “The American people want Congress to work with the president, want the president to work with Congress so that we can be compassionate, so that we can create a uniform rule of naturalization.

“It is Congress’ job under Article 1, Section 8, to create a uniform rule of naturalization, a way in,” she continued. “It should be done line by line, section by section with the input of the public instead of being done by one person. It looks more like a dictatorship when a president is unilaterally making decisions for the American people.”



Watch the video at The Daily Caller.



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