Michael Barone on Wisconsin: Has the tea party given up?


It’s not just Wisconsin. John Kasich in Ohio and Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania have seen their ratings sour too. But with Walker’s polls now negative and the state supreme court election next week looking like a bellwether for left/right grassroots enthusiasm, he’s wondering if the moment has passed.

In addition, both parties have threatened to recall at least some of the other side’s state senators. Recall petitions are being circulated and require relatively few signatures.

The IWV poll says that voters would oppose recalling Democratic state senators by 60 to 38 percent but oppose recalling Republicans by only 52 to 43 percent.

There’s an assumption by many Republicans, seemingly shared by Walker, that voters settled these issues definitively in the November elections. But the IWV poll suggests that voters are not necessarily well-informed and have been swayed by those who frame the issue as collective bargaining “rights.”…

Given their druthers, voters oppose tax increases and spending cuts. But they’re responsive to the message that in these hard economic times it’s not possible to have all good things.

They have seen that vast spending increases haven’t generated jobs and they understand that tax increases can choke a sputtering economic recovery. Given the facts, they understand that public employee unions inflate spending, reduce accountability and operate as a mechanism for the involuntary transfer of taxpayer money to one political party.

The press won’t make that case. Republicans and Tea Partiers need to do it themselves…

…Here’s Mark Levin from tonight’s show interviewing Prosser and putting the word out about how high the stakes are in this election. If you’re in Wisconsin, please start calling friends and tell them: Vote, vote, vote, vote, vote…

The entire article is at HotAir.com with a link to audio by Mark Levin.

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