Michael Paymar – Soros Linked Secret Socialist in the Minnesota State Legislature

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…The U.S.’s largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America has infiltrated members and supporters into several state legislatures across the nation. Usually posing as Democrats, the covert socialists are then used to promote D.S.A. legislation and causes, such as gun control, single payer health care, leftist labor legislation etc. at the state level.

One such infiltrator is long-time Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party State Representative Michael Paymar

…As a consultant with George Soros‘ Soros foundation and Advocates for Human Rights, Michael Paymar worked with NGOs in Eastern Europe, Europe, the Caucusus, central Asia, China and Australia. He has worked with the Department of Defense in the United States and military installations in Japan, Guam, Iceland, Hawaii, North Carolina, Florida, and California…

…How many of the thousands of Minnesota voters who put Michael Paymar into office realized they were voting for a covert Marxist? Has any of Michael Paymar’s campaign literature, or public statements ever mentioned his Democratic Socialists of America affiliation?…

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