Michelle Obama, Beyonce Wannabe

She markets Beyonce, a singer whose sexualized videos, song lyrics and inappropriate dress have prompted criticism from her own fans. How reckless of Michelle to push the soft porn ‘artistry’ of Beyonce onto a demographic already wandering around in a moral wilderness.


We know Michelle O has achieved quite a bit in her life–her Princeton, Harvard ride, stint at the Daley Machine HQ, and cushy spots on various boards, etcetera, etcetera. She’s planted a White House garden, and has Barack Obama.

What more could there be.

She wants to be Beyonce. Maybe that explains this, at a kids’ award show.

Some dared to ask the question at the time:

Has Mrs. Obama broken the rules for what is age appropriate? Should she keep pushing the fashion envelope, or are you so over it?…

The article continues, with video, at BackyardConservative.

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