Minister’s passionate rant to black community goes viral: Stop blaming ‘police and white folk’

Richard Berkow
BizPac Review

A voice in the wilderness has been heard, as black Minister Johnathan Gentry’s rant against the rioters in Ferguson, Missouri went viral this week and catapulted him into the public eye.

Gentry’s six-minute diatribe posted on Facebook Wednesday exploded across social media when he lambasted the black community in Ferguson for rioting, looting, vandalizing and blaming “police and  white folk” for their problems, instead of accepting responsibility and  heeding the Bible’s injunctions to change their ways.

Gentry said he was “sick of excuses, excuses, excuses,” and frequently quoted Scripture to emphasize his points. He noted that if the two black men in the street had “swallowed their arrogance” and just moved to the sidewalk when the police asked them to, there would have been no problem.

“What we’re doing out here [rioting, looting, burning] is not helping,” he insisted. “How are our kids supposed to grow up when we’re out here acting stupid?”

Entrenched black leadership also came in for a pasting…



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