Mishandling Morsi

Adam Turner
FrontPage Magazine

Only a week after being praised by the Obama Administration for his supposed helpfulness in ending the fighting in Gaza between Palestinian Hamas terrorists and Israel, Muslim Brotherhood (MB) Member and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi apparently decided to cash in his praise “chips” early.  Most prominently, President Morsi made himself immune from the Egyptian Supreme Constitutional Court’s oversight, thereby essentially assuming dictatorial powers over his nation.  Less prominently, one of his appointed judges convicted eight persons, including seven Americans, for their “blasphemy” towards Islam.  Included in this group were well-known Florida Pastor Terry Jones, who has burned several Korans in the United States, and Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, one of the people behind the controversial American film “Innocence of Muslims.”  So far, the Obama Administration has lodged no complaints (and here) with the Egyptian regime over either action.

It should be shocking to the Obama Administration, and Americans, that a foreign nation can sentence our citizens to death for the “crime” of free speech.  Free speech, and the First Amendment, is supposed to be sacrosanct in the US.  Our Founding Fathers were certainly very supportive of it. ..

Based on the strong historical support for freedom of speech evidence by these quotes, you could be forgiven for thinking that any attempts by foreigners to infringe upon American speech in our own country would prompt our nation to do something about it.  But, apparently, we are living in new times.  President Obama has already said at the UN that “(t)he future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Perhaps he believes that a little thing like the First Amendment in the US Constitution should not be allowed to get in the way…

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Update: Pakistani Police Investigate American Arrested On Blasphemy Charges


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