Mississippi GOP, State Sued Over Fraud

True the Vote warns of discovery of thousands of election anomalies

James Simpson

True the Vote, the citizens initiative pursuing “free and fair elections for all Americans,” and 13 other plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Mississippi Secretary of State and the Republican Party of Mississippi over the June 24 primary election runoff in which Sen. Thad Cochran edged tea-party challenger Chris McDaniel.

The lawsuit asks the court to grant immediate access to voting records to inspect for possible illegal voting. It asserts that “defendants failed to properly abide by federal election record maintenance and open records provisions codified in the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA). Records made partially available to the plaintiffs indicated ‘double-voting’ from Democratic to Republican primaries – potentially diluting votes in violation of the Equal Protection Clause.”

The complaint explains that the National Voter Registration Act supersedes Mississippi law…

…True the Vote’s lawsuit seeks to disable the redaction requirement and force the ballot boxes open based on federal law, whether the county has certified or not. It consists of three counts:

  • Count One: Violation of NVRA’s Public Disclosure Provision. Shortly before the Republican Primary Runoff Election, True the Vote, via its volunteer base, made a valid and timely request to review voter rolls and poll books under the NVRA, but it was denied access to those records.
  • Count Two: Individual Plaintiffs Allege a Violation of NVRA Based on Conflict with State Laws. Plaintiffs seek a declaration that the NVRA preempts any state requirement calling for public election information to be redacted at the cost of the requestor.
  • Count Three: Individual Plaintiffs Allege an Equal Protection Violation. Discovering potential instances of “double-voting” between Democratic and Republican primaries are unlawful dilutions of individual votes…



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…“My hat is off to Sen. Cochran for being as desperate as he was, to actually go out, and up front, go out and ask for these votes,” U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga, told Politico. “Those votes were delivered, and I’m hopeful he will be responsible and responsive to the voters that pushed him over the top.”..



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