MN man gets hearing over charges of posting Islamic cartoons

Creeping Sharia

An update to these posts on the persecution of Americans who oppose Islam and sharia law. You see, the cartoons this man posted were ruled protected by the Constitution. He wasn’t protected from zealous local politicians and prosecutors who pander to the tens of thousands of Muslims relocated from other countries to Minnesota – citing potential rage of the supposed religion of peace. Rather than protect an Americans rights and freedoms, they are protecting Muslims and sharia law.

A Minnesota man who admits posting several anti-Muslim cartoons in St. Cloud will get a chance to dispute civil charges against him.

A hearing for Sidney Allen Elyea of Waite Park has been set for June 1.

He has been assessed two civil charges of posting materials on fixtures. Each carries a maximum fine of $250.

The drawings included sexually explicit depictions of bestiality and sodomy, along with derogatory images of the prophet Muhammad.

Elyea says he posted the drawings to educate others about Islam. He argues that his actions represent protected speech.

His attorney, Ryan Garry, said Friday the city attorney’s office should be prosecuting people for crimes, not opinions.

Elyea and the city will argue their case before an administrative hearing officer.

via Minn. man gets hearing for anti-Muslim cartoons – WKBT La Crosse, WI-NewsChannel 8-.

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