MN Secretary of State Communist Party Connection to be Exposed by New Zeal

Trevor Loudon
New Zeal

At 9 am EST Tuesday November 30, 2010, New Zeal will post documentary evidence linking Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, to the Communist Party USA.

Why is this important?

A key part of Mark Ritchie’s job is to oversee electoral recounts in Minnesota.

In early 2009 Mark Ritchie judged that his Wellstone Action Advisory Committee and Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party colleague Al Franken had won a Minnesota U.S. Senate seat, even though Republican opponent Norm Coleman was ahead on election night.

The recount was dogged with controversy, with allegations that felon’s votes were illegally counted.

Currently, Mark Ritchie is overseeing another election recount. This could give the Minnesota governorship to another of Ritchie’s Wellstone Action Advisory Committee and Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party colleagues, Mark Dayton.

One of the Communist Party USA members linked to Mark Ritchie, labor leader Mark Froemke used his union to endorse Al Franken.

In October 2009 Mark Froemke was the Fargo Moorehead organizer for a 10 Days of Labor Action campaign in support of Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton.

The Communist Party has infiltrated the Democratic Party in several states and openly supports the Democrats against the Republicans in its publications.

The fact that Mark Ritchie has documented covert ties to the Communist Party USA must bring his neutrality as an election overseer into severe doubt.

The voters of Minnesota deserve better.

Mark Ritchie File 1 here
Mark Ritchie File 2 here
Mark Ritchie File 3 here
Mark Ritchie File 4 here

Check New Zeal at 9am EST Tuesday.

Also at New Zeal, Red Democrats File 1–Lynn Woolsey Sponsored Communist Party Event

…Lynn Woolsey is an influential Democrat. She serves on several Congressional Committees, including;

Committee on Education and Labor

Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education

Subcommittee on Workforce Protections (Chairwoman)

Committee on Foreign Affairs

Subcommittee on Africa and Global Health

Committee on Science and Technology

Subcommittee on Energy and Environment

Once Lynn Woolsey would have immediately be flagged as a security risk, for openly supporting a Communist Party fund raiser…

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