‘Moderate’ Rouhani Gives Anti-American Speech at U.N.

Joel B. Pollak
Big Peace
24 Sep 2013

Fresh from rejecting President Barack Obama’s attempt to meet him at the United Nations, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani launched a blistering anti-American attack from the rostrum at the General Assembly on Tuesday, accusing the United States of bigotry, “crimes,” and anti-Shia prejudice, repeating the tone of his irascible predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinehad. Rouhani also attacked Israel and the West in general.

The newly-elected Iranian leader blasted American policies against his own country, such as economic sanctions, accusing the U.S. of fomenting “violence and extremism” in the region and throughout the world. He criticized U.S. military policies against terrorists, including the use of drones–a popular target for attack at the UN, and one that President Obama felt obliged to defend in his own remarks earlier in the day…


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The media are saddened that President Barack Obama will not be, after all, meeting with Iranian leader Hassan Rouhani today. The decision deprived them of a handshake they were already praising for having altered the course of history. But the reason the meeting was prevented was not that Obama did not wish to lend legitimacy to the regime. He did that already in his speech, in fawning references to the “Supreme Leader.”

Worst of all, the decision to cancel the meeting was apparently made by the Iranians, not by the U.S…

Report: Obama offered to meet with Iranian president at UN — and was rejected

…if you’re Iran, with the president of the United States diminished and less of a military threat than he’s been in a long time, how do you resist a snub?…




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