More Hypocrisy From the U.N., This Time About Terror and Syria

Anne Bayefsky

There’s breaking news from the United Nations on Syria. Democracy-seekers are dying all over the country. Meanwhile, at the United Nations, negotiations over what would be the organization’s first-ever definition of terrorism ended with deadlock on Friday after fifteen years of talking about it.

Leading the naysayers from the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) was Syria, a country that claimed that murdering its preferred antagonists doesn’t count. That might be just a bad joke, except for the fact that the Obama administration has made the U.N. the centerpiece of its national security policy…

…On Friday, with four more years of diplomatic lunches under their belt, the OIC and its Syrian spokesperson said no deal because there is a “distinction between terrorism and the struggle for the rights of self-determination by people under foreign occupation and colonial or alien domination.” Representatives from Egypt, Iraq and Saudi Arabia immediately voiced their wholehearted agreement. In plain language, Islamic states including Muslim “allies” of the United States, insist that all Israelis, Americans who get in their way, or anybody else nowadays who objects to President Bashar Assad’s idea of “self-determination,” are fair game.

And Syria’s run at the U.N. on Friday didn’t end there.

Syria is currently running for a seat on the U.N.’s flagship “human rights” body, the Human Rights Council. Seats are allocated to five regional groups, and just to make sure Syria’s ascendancy is unimpeded, the Asian group has only nominated the same number of states as they have seats. So barring any unexpected additions, Syria will join fellow U.N. human rights authorities like Saudi Arabia on the Council in May…

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Related: At, CNN video of Anderson Cooper reporting on events in Syria yesterday:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper interviewed a man who managed to survive Syria’s Friday protests, but as his shaky cellphone video shows, he was one of the lucky ones. Reports that dozens of protesters being killed are substantiated in this clip, as the witness describes how regime agents cold-bloodedly gunned down unarmed people in the streets. “They were aiming at heads and chests,” the witness tells Cooper, “not at legs or in the air.”

As Allahpundit noted, Barack Obama issued a “strongly worded statement” that still somehow failed to include a demand that Bashir Assad and his regime relinquish power. Recall, if you will, that it took Obama eight days to demand Hosni Mubarak’s resignation in Egypt, even though Mubarak’s security forces hadn’t opened fire on protesters at all.  It has now been 30 days since Assad’s regime started firing on peaceful protesters in Syria, and Obama still wants to work through Assad…

Watch the interview.

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