Morsi Reaches Islamist Dictator Deal with Egyptian Military

Ben Shapiro
Big Peace
2 Dec 2012

Yesterday, Obama-approved Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi declared that he would have a referendum on December 15 to greenlight the newly rammed-through draft constitution that enshrines Shariah law in Egypt. Morsi has bought the support of the military via the new constitution, which prevents the military from having any civilian oversight, and allows the military to prosecute civilians.

Now Muslim Brotherhood protesters have shut down the Egyptian Supreme Court, forcing them to postpone their ruling on the legitimacy of the constitutional assembly that originally ratified the new constitution.

So much for the Arab Spring. The Muslim Brotherhood has now reached a compromise solution with the army that makes both of them unanswerable within the country. And the Obama administration remains silent.

Update: The Obama Administration’s PR Campaign for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood by Steve Emerson:

The elected head of a nation made threatening statements toward Israel. His organization called for jihad and celebrated a bus bombing in Tel Aviv.

The United States then hailed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi as a statesman and a moderate last week.

True, he did help bring about a cessation of Hamas rocket fire from Gaza. But in doing so, he wasn’t trying to advance American objectives or the cause of peace.

Morsi knew avoiding a war in Gaza would help secure $1 billion in debt relief from the United States and an International Monetary Fund loan approaching $5 billion.

All of that makes the high praise Morsi received from the Obama administration unnecessary and counterproductive. And the administration’s tepid response to Morsi’s subsequent power grab – neutering his country’s judiciary – fails to make clear whether there will be consequences if he maintains dictatorial power…

…The Obama administration has yet to criticize the pro-Hamas, pro-jihad rhetoric from Morsi, Katatni and their Brotherhood associates…

Read the whole thing.

Update 2New Egyptian Constitution Is Recipe for Tyranny

If you are ever tempted to take liberal claims to mean well at face value, consider this. Since September 11 and even before, they have sided with Muslims against the West at every opportunity…

Also, The Looming Dark Ages in Egypt That Obama Helped Foster In

Is this what democracy looks like? Is this the Egypt the Obama administration anticipated when they supported Morsi, and continue to support and praise him? Pharaoh Morsi has taken a dictator’s throne in his recent power-grab. This understandably has alarmed Egyptians, and once again they have taken to the streets in protest…


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