, U.S. Rep. promoting student loan debt forgiveness

“We need to cut, cap, and forgive student loan debt. That is the true debt that is burdening American families. We cut student loan debt we’ll have a freer more prosperous country.”

~Democratic Michigan Rep. Hansen Clarke

Caroline May
The Daily Caller
9/15/2011 has figured out how to stimulate the economy: Get the government to forgive the student loan debt of all Americans!

A petition to eliminate all student debt, created by member Robert Applebaum and distributed through’s email subscription service, has gotten more than 27,629 signatures on MoveOn’s petition site,

According to Applebaum, once the petition gets 30,000 names, the letter will be sent to President Obama and the Congress.

“With the stroke of the President’s pen, millions of Americans would suddenly have hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of extra dollars in their pockets each and every month with which to spend on ailing sectors of the economy,” the petition reads. “As consumer spending increases, businesses will begin to hire, jobs will be created and a new era of innovation, entrepreneurship and prosperity will be ushered in for all.”

Even though sent the petition out to its subscribers, the petition was written by one of its members and text at the bottom of the email reads, “This is a message from Civic Action,” a disclaimer denies culpability: “MoveOn is not responsible for the content.”

The calls to forgive students loans are not alone in the wilderness. Democratic Michigan Rep. Hansen Clarke has introduced legislation to end all student loan debt as a way to stimulate the economy…

The article continues, with video, at The Daily Caller.


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