MP Stephen Timms apologised to attacker for keeping her waiting moments before he was stabbed

Rebecca Camber and Katherine Faulkner
Daily Mail [UK]
17th May 2010

Former Treasury minister Stephen Timms was stabbed in the stomach after warmly greeting his attacker with the words ‘Hello, I’m sorry for the wait.’

As the Labour MP went to shake the disturbed woman’s hand she twice plunged a knife into his body at a constituency surgery [medical office].

Security guards had grown concerned about the woman, wearing Muslim dress and a headscarf, as she grew visibly more agitated waiting to see the MP at the surgery in Beckton, East London.

Witnesses told how Choudhary, who had two kitchen knives concealed in her cardigan, had been tutting, grinding her teeth and rolling her eyes.

A mother of four, who had been sitting next to the woman as they waited to see the 54-year-old MP, said: ‘There was so much anger in her face.

‘She came in and said, “I’m here to see Stephen Timms”.

‘She was tutting and hissing and rolling her eyes.’ The witness added: ‘When she got the knife out it was so quick, I think he thought she was offering her hand.’

Instead, she pulled a six inch kitchen knife from her cardigan and stabbed Mr Timms twice before one of the MP’s assistants wrestled the knife from her grasp.

A member of the public tried to stem the flow of blood using clothing from her child’s PE [physical education] kit.

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