MSNBC Star Host Al Sharpton Owes IRS $2.6 Million

Jim Hoft

It looks like Sharpton used his “resist we much” approach to paying taxes, too.

MSNBC star Al Sharpton owes the IRS $2.6 million… But he did finally pay the Peabody Hotel in Memphis the $106,981 that he owed for a 2008 conference.

…Sharpton drew a $241,732 salary and perks that included first-class or charter air travel, tax filings show. He owes the IRS $2.6 million in income tax, and nearly $900,000 in state tax.

The defunct Rev-Al Communications Inc. owes the state almost $176,000, and Bo-Spanky is $3,500 behind on state-tax liens.

Sharpton has said he is on a repayment plan with state and federal-tax authorities…

The entire article, with video, is at GatewayPundit.

UpdateRich Moonbats Will Give Big Government Other People’s Money, Not Their Own

…How could anyone smart enough to be part of the 1% most wealthy be too stupid to see that shoveling more of their money into Big Government’s maw will only increase its appetite? Yet wealthy moonbats stridently and sanctimoniously demand higher taxes on the rich. Could they really be morons? Or are they contemptible hypocrites…

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